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Carradale Landscapes

Large scale acrylic paintings on paper of the rocky outcrop at Carradale Bay, Mull of Kintyre. 1984-5.

It has come to my attention a number of people have linked or copied my art work's images from my website and Art Uk (formerly BBC Your Paintings) to their Pinterest accounts. Please unlink. I am the legal owner of my art works copyright and am entitled to authorise any reproduction. I have not and do not grant permission to any one to display any image of any of my art work's at Pinterest for any purpose commercial or interest. Any person who displays images of my art works there are in breach of my copyright and rights as the creator of the art work and also in breach of their agreement with Pinterest that they have the right to use these images. The galleries who submitted photographs of my art work to Art UK and Art UK have not granted permission either.