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Copyright Statement

All rights reserved.

I assert my copyright and moral right to be recognised as the artist Alan Watson (b.1957, St Andrews) who created the content and images contained in this web site unless otherwise stated.

If you are interested in viewing my artistic work or seek permission for use of any images of my artistic work or site content for education purposes please write to me at

All forms of commercial use of images of my artistic work are forbidden. The contents of this web site, including all the images and text, are protected by copyright. No copies of the digital images may be made. Electronic or print copies may not be made.

Please note I am a living artist and I retain the copyright and all legal rights to all of my artistic work. My work is protected under law. No commercial business organisation currently has permission to display images of my artistic work apart from the limited right they are entitled to related to the resale of an artistic work of mine.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Copyright (c)Alan Watson (1957-2019) All Rights Reserved.

Please contact Pat Watson regarding the use of images of Alan Watson's artistic work and/or copyright inquiries via contact form.