There will be a memorial exhibition of Alan's work, aegis his alma mater Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, reception foyer, September 23rd to 15th October 2019.

Pat Watson, August 2019


Alan Watson

October 2015:

'A Time to Keep' is a series of my paintings and drawings inspired by the stories of my East Neuk fishing ancestors. The works were exhibited at the 369 Gallery, Edinburgh, in 1986 and toured thereafter. More about this series at my blog.

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'The Big Haul', 'Listening for Herring', 'Star Elick at the Long Lines'             'Star Elick at the Long Lines', 'The Drowning', 'Hauling the Line'.

a time to keep, 1986, installation shot, (c)alan watson, b.1957, all rights reserveda time to keep, 1986, installation shot, (c)alan watson, b.1957, all rights reserved

Installation shots from the 369 Gallery, Cowgate, Edinburgh, 1986
All photos and paintings below: Copyright 1986, scans 2015, (c)Alan Watson (b.1957) All Rights Reserved.


'Shooting the Net''shooting the net', 1985, fisherman casting the net, painting (c)alan watson, b.1957, all rights reserved

I am very pleased that the painting that was for sale at Chiswick Auction House (Lot 56) on 6th October 2015 has been acquired for the Scottish Maritime Museum collection, Irvine and Dumbarton. From the fishing painting series titled 'A Time to Keep', 'Shooting the Net', 1986, depicts an ancestor of mine fishing off the May Island circa 1870. He is 'shooting the net' which is the phrase my family used to describe 'casting the net'.

'Shooting the Net', 1986
Acrylic on Canvas, 50"x50"
 Copyright Alan Watson b.1957
All Rights Reserved


Copyright and Missing Panels from a Tryptych

'The Big Haul', 1986the big haul, 1986, a large catch of fish, painting (c)alan watson, b.1957, all rights reserved

This painting is comprised of a series of 3 boards but intended to be one painting. I was disappointed to see the right hand panel come up for auction some time ago but there was no record of what has happened to the other two boards. It would be good to hear from you if you happen to know where the two panels have gone and who is currently the owner of the third panel which carried my signature. You can write to me at if you have any information about this issue. I'd love for this painting to be put back together again.

The Big Haul, 1986
Acrylic on Board, 50"x113"
 Copyright Alan Watson b.1957
All Rights Reserved

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