Alan Watson

Gallery of art works 1984 to 2017

Index Year Title Subject Materials Used Size/Scale
building the boat from the navigatio series of drawings (c)alan watson b.1957 all rights reserved 1997-
The Navigatio A series of drawings conte or charcoal on paper depicting the adventures of St Brendan who navigated the seas of the North Atlantic in a curragh.

Charcoal on paper
Conte on paper

to very large
2015 Coastal Path Fife Coastline Collage - paper, print. Medium
2014 Burren Nocturne Burren Landscape
Co Clare/Connemara, Ireland.
Acrylic on Canvas. Small
2014 Great Comp Garden The Scottish engineer Roderick Cameron's
sculptured gardens located near Sevenoaks in Kent.
Acrylic on Cavas Small to medium
2014 Winter Studies Detail studies of Fife landscapes. Acrylic on paper. Small
2012-14 North Fife Trees North East Fife trees set in a landscape. Acrylic on canvas. Medium
1991 A Flea on an Elephants Back Depicting the building of oil riggs at RGC Methil Acrylic on paper Large
jonah from the whaling drawing series hunting the big fish (c)alan watson all rights reserved 1989 Hunting the Big Fish A series of drawings depicting the East Coast of Scotland whaling industry. Charcoal on paper Large
shooting the net, painting of a fisherman casting his net, (c)alan watson, b.1957, all rights reserved


A Time to Keep A series of painting and drawings depicting stories and scenes about my fisherman ancestors from the East Neuk of Fife . Acrylic on canvas, paper, board, and charcoal drawings. Large to very large
1985 Carradale Point Carradale Bay, Mull of Kintyre, looking
towards Arran.
Acrylic on paper. Very large
1984 -
Sketchbook Selection of working drawings from sketchbooks Pen, inkwash on paper. Various.





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